Make the right impression with the right dress

Dressing for an interview or togging up for a first date? You can up your dressing game with a few simple tweaks.

Dressing for certain occasions needs meticulous, almost military-level strategic planning. Though there are umpteen options in women’s wear to suit a variety of occasions, the sheer variety of choices can actually confuse instead of help.

We’ve listed down three situations where you need to up the ante on your personal style. These are extremely important occasions, and you don’t want to come up short in the fashion stakes. We’ve also got a simple guide on how to dress for each situation – so be ready to shop for new women’s wear if you need to:

* Dressing for an interview.

Many women are so focussed on acing the interview, that they pay scant attention to their clothing, bag and shoes. You might have a hazy idea of what you’re going to wear, such as a fitted skirt, silk blouse and heels. You have only one chance to make a great first impression on your interviewers. So it helps to ace your clothing game for the big day. Review your choices: your silk blouse might make you sweaty and hot, and you don’t want to walk into the interview room with sweat patches under your arms. Interviewers are also less than likely to be impressed with short skirts, sleeveless tops and graphic prints on your clothes. As boring as it sounds, stick to basic pastel shades and go with a simple dress with minimal print, or a black or grey pant suit. Let the bag be black, brown or tan (no crazy prints on the bag, please) and non-noisy pumps or wedge heels.

* Dressing for a first date.

You’ve been chatting with this guy online for a few days and now he’s suggested meeting for a coffee. He’s even picked out the place – now you just need to show up and knock his socks off. At this point, you can go one of two ways. One, you can dress casual but crisp, because you don’t want him to think you took hours sweating over what to wear. In this case, a white shirt tucked into fitted jeans and a thin black belt are fine. Choose between slip on sneakers or pumps. Or if you want to go the dainty and feminine route on your date, choose a pretty dress with a floral print, matching heeled shoes or pumps, and a delicate floral perfume. If you’re not happy with the clothes in your wardrobe, open a good women’s wear site and pick out new tops and dresses. Go with the best options and let the magic unfold!

* Dressing for a posh restaurant.

You might be meeting up with a group of friends at an upscale restaurant for a party or dinner. The question is: what do you wear? If it’s after a long day at work, you are tempted to show up in jeans and flip flops. But you might be cowed down by the unofficial ‘dress code’ that posh establishments have – so it is better to go with a slightly formal dress, or a fitted skirt and blouse combo. Look up leading women’s wear sites for some style inspiration, and also accessories to go with your new clothing.

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