Using awesome YouTube thumbnails leads to more clicks and views on your videos. If you want to get to millions of views, make an effort to create eye-catching thumbnails.

Intriguing Thumbnails Generates More Views

When people are looking for relevant content, the first thing they do is use the search bar. However, they do not usually choose the first video that appears on the search results. They scan the previews of all search results and click the those that have engaging thumbnails.

Thumbnail Tips

First of all, use high-quality images. When the pictures appear on larger screens, at least they are still viewable. Second, use large and readable fonts. When viewers scan through the recommended videos, they can read your captivating headline.

Third, take advantage of the use of emotion. If possible, include a photo of yourself with the appropriate emotion. An expression of shock, amazement, happiness, sadness, or disgust can attract more audiences.