Law firm marketing requires a specialized approach to marketing while still using all the digital marketing techniques available such as website development, branding, content marketing, SEO and so on.

Initially, however, a law firm needs to understand their customer and why they are looking for a lawyer. Often, in the first instance, they are looking for information and that’s why legal practices need to be a resource for people looking for legal information, particularly if they specialize in a particular area of the law.

Most law firms’ revenue will be based on repeat business from existing clients and referrals so they need to focus on those relationships as part of their marketing strategy. This should include:

• Surveys showing client satisfaction with firm and testimonials
• Emphasis on client service requirements so that new clients flow through the system from inquiry to delivery with effective communication and responsiveness
• Focus on cross marketing to offer existing clients additional services
• Develop your main sources of referrals – this can be one of the main ways of attracting new clients