A toddler tube becomes necessary for infants under certain medical conditions. The infant may not have the muscle strength or coordination to breast-feed or drink liquid from a bottle. There can be other reasons when a feeding tube becomes necessary to feed the infant. The baby may not have gained sufficient weight normal for its age. Its weight gain pattern may be irregular. Its swallowing reflex or sucking ability is weak or absent. Doctors have diagnosed gastrointestinal or any abdominal defect. There may be respiratory issue or a problem with electrolyte imbalance.

The tube helps overcome all such toddler feeding issues until the medical problem that requires use of this accessory is solved. A nurse first measures the length from the baby’s mouth or nose to its stomach. The tube is cut at the right length based on this measurement. Sterile water or a lubricating gel is used to lubricate the tube’s tip. The tube is inserted into the infant’s nose or mouth carefully. Most of the time, this procedure is handled by a nurse but sometimes a doctor may do it as well.