Hand crafted Mexican Huaraches are highly popular shoes around the globe. There are styles available for men and women. These comfortable and causally chic shoes are well cushioned and conform to the size and shape of the foot. They do not fit tight or crowd the toes. Huaraches are the perfect warm weather sandal that can be worn with jeans, leggings, long or short dresses, skirts, sundresses, crop pants, shorts and culottes. They also look great with pantsuits or jumpsuits. Various colors are offered such as tan, brown, beige, navy, purple, green, red, yellow, white, orange, black and fuchsia. Some shoes feature multiple colors and various designs or patterns. Consumers are certain to find the right fit because there are sizes and widths for women and men. Many people wear these comfortable and stylish shoes to backyard cookouts, bars, restaurants and to work.