Irons are useful when hitting the golf ball. Accuracy in the golf course is determined by the duration you can hit an iron. Here are facts about golf club loft degrees.

No Standard Lofts

Irons do not have a standard loft angle. Therefore, different manufacturers of clubs have different angles for their irons. The longer the iron, the more it can hit.

Long Irons

The 2, 3, and 4 traditional irons have angles that range from 20 to 27 degrees. Currently, the 2-iron is rarely used since it has a low loft. Hybrid irons are commonly used as they are made for accurateness and distance.

Middle Irons

5-iron has an angle of 28 degrees while a 7-iron has 34 degrees. Thus, these clubs are useful and ideal on the fairway. A hybrid iron increases your chances of hitting the ball.


Get an iron that suits your body posture and swing. Also, ensure it has the right weight. Try out the various options before making your choice.