The changing of seasons is arguably one of the best times of the year. There is a certain charm to seeing the green of trees turn into golden yellow and crisp orange or feeling the chill of the wind in the morning. It is also soothing to witness the first signs of grass or flowers pierce through the melted snow.

Because of the sentiment brought by the seasons, it may be easy to feel stuck in time. But do not let your getup be out of season!

If you lead a busy life, then keeping up with the season may be a hard task, especially if you are the type who replaces their wardrobe. Thankfully, nails come to the rescue. Nail colour is just as conspicuous as your hairdo, your scarves, boots, or jewellery, but putting a new polish on is easy and takes less than an hour.

Here are some exciting colour palettes that will help you paint your nails according to the season:


Winter is the time of the year where everything is still, frozen, and cold. Pair your beanie with crisp colours that fall in the teal to purple hues in the colour wheel: these include icy blue, indigo, turquoise, and even rose pink.

White, grey, and silver are acceptable as long as you wear something contrasting to make the colour of your nails pop out. Otherwise, they will blend with the surroundings.


After the snow has thawed, flowers will begin to bloom, and pavements will be lined with grass again. Springtime is the season of growth and rebirth.

Paint your nails with semi-warm colours, but do not go too bright: instead of yellow, think of maize, light golden yellow, or marigold. Here are other hues to consider: olive, peach, and apricot.


We celebrate summer in a lot of ways. Sometimes, it is a day on the beach; sometimes, it is spent indoors with a long glass of iced tea. That is why the colour palette for this season can go from as mild as pastel (baby pink, emerald, or light yellow) to neon (hot pink, azure, or yellow).


A lot would agree that autumn fashion should be earth coloured. It is the time of the year when the temperature begins dropping when the wind is cool, and the leaves start to fall.

The colours that are perfect for this season would go along with tones such as gold, coral, chocolate brown, and maroon.

Out of the box 

Of course, while there are many suggested ways to colour your nails according to the feel of the season, there are more possibilities if you think outside the box.

Websites like Jealous Nail Supplies show an entire spectrum of nail polishes. Painting your nails differently per finger, using nail art, or even going entirely against the colour of the season are just some of the ways you can really stand out, and not feel out of season, ever.