NDIS Physio gives you access to a competent NDIS physiotherapist trained professional to provide assessments of spinal cord/nerve, neurological, muscular, and circulatory disorders. This person can assess the strength of your muscles and determine how well they are functioning. They also evaluate the strength of your spinal cord and determine how well you are using it. These trained professionals can also determine how well you are performing with your limbs and advise on what type of movements can help you improve your mobility. Some of the services that can be offered by an NDIS Physiotherapist

One of the main goals of a good therapist is to provide relief for their patient. For this reason, you must have an excellent initial assessment by a professional Physiotherapist. If you were referred to a physiotherapist, they should review your medical history with you and discuss your symptoms with you. They should also provide you with a list of questions designed to evaluate your condition and determine a treatment plan to best suit your needs. At this stage of the process, it is important to have a relationship with your physio to feel comfortable communicating with them about your condition.