Neuro Physio at Home is a form of physiotherapy, which deals with the study and treatment of pain. Neurophysiologists are generally considered practitioners who specialize in studying the nerve system and its functions, specifically about the human body. They are experts who treat diseases related to the nervous system by studying the functions of the nervous system.

For neurophysiologists to be effective in their field, they must have extensive knowledge about the structure and function of the human nervous system. For this reason, they can diagnose a patient’s disorder and can provide treatments that will specifically focus on the affected area. In this field, there are numerous modalities of pain management, including neurophysiology at home which includes heat treatment, ice therapy, electrical stimulation, laser therapy, and physical therapy. These modalities are used to decrease pain, block pain signals, increase the speed of nerve regeneration, decrease pain thresholds, and improve motor function. Because there are many different approaches in providing pain management at home, one of the most important skills for a neurophysiologist is determining the most appropriate method or technique that will address a particular patient’s problem.