Manufacturers in the window, roofing, and skylight industries are always looking for new ways to make their products exciting and innovative. It’s not about having a window put in because everyone else does, or having double-glazing to keep your home warmer and reduce your electricity and gas bills, those days have passed.

Now, it’s about finding new ways to ensure that our surrounding environments are aesthetically pleasing, well cared for, and benefit us in a way that usual window and lighting solutions don’t. It extends far beyond warmth, and being able to view the outside world without leaving the house. It’s become a new way to help ourselves have a better quality of life, and finding easier ways to gain a positive well-being.

Natural lighting boasts several health benefits, most of which we, as humans, take for granted, and dismiss without a second thought. The increase in natural light that can be provided in these next generation window and natural lighting options include major positive effects to our physical and psychological health.

These next generation solutions are everywhere. Skylights, bespoke windows, roof lanterns… Endless designs popping up on industry-leading manufacturer websites, just waiting for someone to try out a life-changing produce.

You’ll experience more than a lighting source, you’ll experience a new, innovative way at looking at natural light, and the options available to you. Ultrasky, for example, already offer several next generation window options and solutions. They have next generation skylights, with sleek designs, and several customisable options. This product offers both pre-sized skylights, and bespoke options. The bespoke options allow the customer to choose not only the size of the skylight, but also the colour of the internal and external frame (white, black, and grey, depending on frame material choice). You can also choose the colour of the glass, which has several benefits and features. Ultrasky outline the differences between glass colours in a neat, informative section, which is linked to the Ultrasky Skylight ordering screen. Designing a new feature for your home or work space has never been easier.

There’s also the option of installing a roof lantern in your home, which can have beautiful, opening effects on a room, including making the room look more defined, and giving you the option of adding natural light without a skylight. Roof lanterns can also be added to existing flat roof structures.

Skylights and roof lanterns are a perfect alternative to standard windows. They provide better aesthetics to a room, while also letting in the most natural illumination possible. It’s a scientific fact that as we get older, we need more light to be able to see; especially once we hit our 60s. Which makes alternative lighting options, unlike the harsh colours of standard lamp lighting, much better for us.

“Ultrasky” are a range of lantern skylights made by Ultraframe; they’re based on the tried and tested BBA approved Ultraframe Classic roofing system. They’ve been at the forefront of the industry for over 30 years of innovation and experience.