Your killer whale Cape Cod tour will be under the guidance of an experienced team. Its members know the locations in the sea where there are better prospects of seeing the whales. Along the way, you will learn about different types of whales that frequent this part of the water. You will come across at least one species of whales. There are different types of whales and many of them are quite common in this area. These majestic creatures will make your whale watching tour a worthwhile effort.

The humpback whale is often seen here performing amazing acrobatic displays. It leaps out of the water and then drops back. These whales also perform other actions including tail lobbing, tail breaching, flipper slapping and others. You will love watching these stunning activities, especially if you have never seen these whales in their natural habitat. It is important to check the months when the whale species you want to see can be seen in this area. Call now for more information and to book your tour.