Considered one of the best diving destinations anywhere, the Philippines island of Palawan attracts divers from all over the world. The variety of Palawan diving sites attracts beginners as well as experts, and the clear blue seas, wealth of marine life and many shipwrecks on the seabed all add to the experience. The Palawan archipelago is also known for its coral reefs, and its relative isolation means it has many pristine and unspoiled areas. Another plus is that diving and snorkeling are offered all year round, and dozens of diving schools and tour companies offer a variety of lessons and excursions. Some unique dives to be experienced here include Barracuda Lake, accessible by a climb over limestone rocks, and Gunther’s Cathedral, a huge underwater chamber complete with a natural skylight. El Nido, on the north of Palawan island, is home to more than 20 dive sites, making it one of the island’s leading dive destinations.