PRINCE2 Foundation certification and practitioner certification training offer graduates an opportunity to earn a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) or a master’s degree in Nursing (MSN). The programs at PRINCE2 offer courses in a variety of nursing disciplines, including clinical nursing, necessary nursing skills, nursing education, and advanced nursing skills. As part of their continuing education credits, students must also complete an internship and clinical experience for credit.

PRINCE2 also offers certification to registered nurses (RN) at the associate level with a minimum of 2 years of practical experience, while the certificate program is offered to master’s level RNs. The Commission accredits both programs on Accreditation of Allied Health Programs and the Board of Examiners for Allied Health Education Programs. PRINCE2 also offers an online Master’s program that allows students to complete the coursework while attending to other responsibilities, such as full-time employment. The online programs also give students flexibility in the type of study time and the learning method.