Prostate cancer occurs in 3 million cases per year in the United States. An effective remedy to the condition is the DaVinci surgery prostate. This robotic assisted surgery is able through one or more small incisions to remove the prostate gland. The work is accomplished with miniature instruments guided by the surgeon’s hands as he/she watches what is done through a high-definition camera.

This can result in temporary to permanent complications:

• Urinary leakage
• Trouble with urination
• Increased frequency or urge to urinate
• Erectile dysfunction
• Loss of fertility
• Changes in orgasm or dry orgasm
• Changes in penis size
• Increased chances of inguinal hernia and lymphedema.

The loss of fertility is probably not a concern for most men who have their prostate gland removed due to cancer, because the average age of these patients is 60 or older. However, the benefit of a longer life far outweighs the discomfort of these inconveniences.