In the world of PVC pipes, PET bottles, and jet fuels, there is an unsung hero called PSS antistatic coating liquid wi51. It belongs to a class of antistatic agents that prevent electric shock, resist moisture, and block unwanted reactions. People who live in countries with wintry conditions appreciate the role that antistatics play.

For instance, one crude version is the fibrous towels that find themselves in clothes driers. Their role: to prevent lint, hair, and minute dirt from clinging to your fresh laundry. Little that we know that PVC pipes and electronic circuitry must be equally protected from clingy materials, especially water, which can generate an unwanted electrical discharge.

The market’s best performer accomplishes its mission quietly. In fact, you’ll hardly even notice that it’s there. It is colorful and yet helps illuminate light. What more, the compound is environmentally friendly and has no odor. Talk about a secret agent.