PSS antistatic coating liquid WI51 is used for antistatic treatment of different types of plastic films and sheets, including PVC, PET, PS, PP, ANS and PE. It is an excellent primer that ensures good adhesion, antistatic effect and wettability. This advanced formula agent does not get affected by the surrounding humidity. Its conductivity property remains effective even in a humid environment.

This agent offers high surface resistivity on PET materials. The antistatic ability is more than what one can get from traditional antistatic agents. It is not necessary to use it in its original undiluted form. It can be diluted to maximize its efficiency and cost effectiveness. In fact, some applications require only a thin coat of it and that much is sufficient to comply with the antistatic requirements. It has high light transmittance visibility. This agent is alcohol resistant, environmentally safe, water based, easy to store and use, and without any irritating odor.