Escape rooms have become quite popular in recent years. They have become a worldwide phenomenon, and in the UK, there are many escape room services available. It is not surprising why this type of recreational activity caters to all ages. The reasons discussed below will help you understand why escape rooms are popular.

What are escape room games?

 For those who are not familiar with the concept of escape room games, it is a puzzle or mystery solving activity where participants are locked in a room. The goal is to solve the mystery to get out. Players need to work with clues within a specific amount of time. The game is designed for groups to practice their problem-solving skills together.

What makes escape rooms so popular?

 The concept itself is unique and exciting. Since it brings in groups of people, escape rooms in London are not only popular among friends and families, it is also popular with companies looking for new team-building activities. Companies benefit from escape rooms because it helps develop conflict resolution, goal setting, and problem-solving among employees. Aside from this, there are other reasons for its popularity.

  • There is something for everyone. Escape rooms can be a good bonding activity for families; even kids will enjoy it. If you select a child-friendly theme, children will have tons of fun trying to solve clues and intricate puzzles. It is also a wholesome pastime for friends who are bored with the usual hang-out at pubs and drinking joints. The time you spend solving the mystery exercises critical mental skills, not to mention the amount of fun you will have while doing so.
  • A reprieve from day to day activities. Escape rooms games are excellent stress relievers. After a long week of slaving away in the office, you can gather a few of your close friends for a fun and exhilarating way to get away from the worries of everyday life.
  • An alternative to gadgets, media, and tablets. Most people these days rely on their devices for almost everything. Unfortunately, dependency on screens can be detrimental to your mental and physical health. If you join an escape room game, you have no choice but to speak to each other and interact without using any electronic device.
  • Exciting choice of themes. Escape room themes can range from quirky and funny to crazy and downright absurd. You can select a game theme which caters to your interest such as haunted rooms, asylums, laboratory, and fantasy worlds. The best part is you can try almost any theme that you fancy, the options are endless!

If you are looking for an escape room for your next day out with friends or family, there are options available online. You can contact the provider and schedule a date and time. Before booking an escape room game, don’t forget to affirm your companions’ agreement. Choose a theme that all are comfortable with to avoid causing anxiety to anyone who may feel too pressured or too scared to participate.