Scaffold containment is extremely important as work sites can generate dangerous debris, loose building materials, dust, fumes, paint, and other dangerous chemical-based particulates. Using durable lightweight netting to encapsulate the scaffolding provides the protection needed to keep pedestrians, nearby workers, and traffic free from falling and blowing debris originating from the construction site.

Another type of containment system consists of a wrap made of fire-retardant reinforced poly-sheeting. In the case of extremely high winds, it can easily be removed. This containment provides extra warmth for construction workers, maintains negative pressure when needed, contains particulates, and provides the best environmental protection of all the containment options.

Perimeter Nets are another option for scaffolding containment. These mount on the buildings beneath the working level and provide protection for falling workers and pedestrians walking beneath the scaffolding. No matter which form of protection the management selects, containment of scaffolding ensures a safe working environment.