A sign language interpreter for police is always needed in many situations. Some examples where a sign language interpreter might be needed are the court system, criminal defense, and different legal proceedings. Police departments also often use sign language translators to communicate with hard of hearing and deaf persons. In some jurisdictions, they may even use a sign language interpreter to communicate information to people who cannot understand them. Even though you may not think that it is an important need now, it could be the future.

Most law enforcement officers have signed up for a course to learn how to speak sign language, so they should be able to communicate effectively with you. However, you should make sure that they are capable of handling this if needed. As long as they have received some training on how to read lips and how to read facial expressions, then you should have no problem getting a qualified sign language interpreter. A sign language interpreter is a great idea for any law enforcement agency because it is always useful to have one on hand for emergencies.