Although Aspergers and ADHD are quite similar conditions and are both classed as neurodevelopmental disorders, only Asperger’s falls into the Autistic Spectrum. Their symptoms are similar and often overlap, but tend to evolve for entirely different reasons.

Individuals in both categories may have difficulties in sitting still, experience social awkwardness and act impulsively. Asperger’s sufferers however, tend to develop an all-encompassing interest in specific topics, and are able to memorize incredible statistical data. They struggle with non-verbal communication and are unable to feel empathy. Their speech can also be monotone with a lack of rhythm. Those with ADHD will be easily distracted and have trouble concentrating, be impatient as well as hyperactive.

Diagnosing each of the conditions can be challenging for parents and therapists, but the earlier they are spotted, the quicker the correct treatments can be applied to enable a well-adjusted lifestyle; although neither can be cured.