Product sourcing agencies from around the world have realized after the coronavirus pandemic that it is not a good idea to put all their eggs in one basket. They do not want to depend solely on China for supplies of manufactured goods. The realization has dawned that sourcing goods from different sources is necessary to hedge against various risks. It helps avoid supply disruption if one source goes down due to natural, financial, political or any other reason. India manufacturing option has emerged as a good alternative. The country itself has a huge domestic market with its large middle class population. Manufacturing sector here has been receiving lots of domestic and foreign investments.

Product sourcing agencies have started buying products from Indian manufacturers. It helps them reduce the risks associated with a single supplier. There is strong policy support from the Indian government which has launched “Make in India” initiative to give a boost to its manufacturing sector. These measures have resulted in a large number of manufacturing companies manufacturing a wide range of products in India. Now these products can be ordered online in wholesale.