Spider veins on the legs can be very embarrassing and unsightly. However, they are not usually dangerous. They are often caused by a weakening in the vein wall. Other times, the spider vein is simply a condition of thinning skin and a few veins that tend to appear in different areas than the rest of the body. If the spider vein is a genetic condition, the doctor will probably tell you that nothing can be done about it.

Spider veins can also be caused by an injury or accident. In this case, Spider Veins Doctor will either recommend physical therapy or surgery to treat the situation. When the spider veins are found, your physician will probably recommend that you wear supportive stockings to prevent the veins from enlarging. He or she may also recommend using topical creams or ointments to speed up the healing process. In some severe cases, the doctor may recommend treatment, including prescription medications as well as surgery.