Travel for work or fun can be frustrating, when you don’t feel comfortable with the linens provided. Frequent laundering and starching can make hotel sheets stiff or scratchy. Sleeping bags may not be lined with the most comfortable materials. The solution is to buy a Silk Sleep Sack that can be taken anywhere.

There are several reasons to consider purchasing a sleep sack. One advantage is that it’s easy to take along. It can fit in a small drawstring pouch. The light weight means you can even pack it in a suitcase or overnight bag, if you’re headed to a hotel.

Silk fabric is gentle on the skin. Using a sleep sack is a good way to fall asleep faster, being surrounded by softness. Silk also adds warmth, which makes the sack a great liner for a sleeping bag. The silk sleeping sack is great for sleeping on a couch or a foldaway bed, when visiting family or friends.