For an escape room business, you can have your clients market your business without paying them any money. To earn more customers, you need to ensure the reviews you get are positive. Here are simple steps to acquiring the best Escape room Oahu reviews.

Top-Notch Customer Service

Customers are happy when they are treated right. The proper treatment enhances the experience of clients on a positive note. Talk to customers in a friendly way and use polite words.

Register the Business in All Platforms

Nowadays, there are many social media sites. Register with all these platforms to receive their reviews and additionally impress potential clients.

Pay Attention to Grievances

Some clients will have some concerns or grievances on certain parts of the business or services. Listening to complaints will generally improve these aspects and gain more positive reviews.


Proper marketing is a sure way of making any business successful. As such, ensure you follow the steps above to get positive reviews.