If you have been invited to join speed dating London events, then grab the opportunity. Temper your expectations and just have fun. The reality is that the chances are slim that you will meet the love of your life in encounters that only last a few minutes. However, you can still meet interesting people and learn a lot in the process.

Prepare questions ahead of time. Some events provide a theme around which the questions should revolve but most will allow participants to make up their own questions. Think about what’s really important to you: values, passions, plans, career, family, advocacies, and so on. You will have few opportunities to get to know people so make the most of each one.

Ask a mix of light and serious questions. Be open about their answers. When it’s your turn to answer, just be spontaneous and honest. Don’t feel bad if they are not enthusiastic about you. You will feel the same way about others. The main goal should not be to impress but to reveal yourself and eliminate all unsuitable partners. It would be a bonus to find a good match.