Concrete is used for building porches, driveways, garages, walls, bridges, dams and flooring. However, with time its quality starts to deteriorate. Since it plays a vital role in building huge structures, thus it is imperative to keep it properly and protected. There can be emergencies that happen time to time, but avoiding unnecessary risks is very important.

The most common reason of concrete quality deterioration is the corrosion of uncoated steel due to chloride contamination. Improper coating can also be one of the reasons of its deterioration. Generally, soil plays a vital role in its damage. Soil erosion due to moisture, water or chemical attack is very common. To minimize the risk of damage one needs to have waterproof, corrosion impact concrete coating.

If you see any cracks on the concrete ensure it is repaired as quickly as possible. Here are special options of concrete repair which are applied to extend its life. Let’s learn different type of cracks that need immediate assistance and how they can be repaired –

  • Check crack
  • Structural crack
  • Offset structural crack

Check crack

They happen due to shrinkage in concrete after it dries up. This occurs within the interior of concrete and aren’t dangerous. It can happen due to defect in concrete which occurred during its coating. Although repairing isn’t required, but if you want you can use anti fracture membrane as a precaution

Structural crack

They happen due to the shifting of soil either because of moisture or pressure. In some part of the countries they are also identified as load cracks or shift cracks. This kind of crack is filled with the injection of structural epoxy. Epoxy holds the crack from stretching further. However, simply injecting epoxy doesn’t help but you also need to apply anti fracture membrane to prevent it further.

Offset structural crack

It is a kind of twisted crack that not only moves in and out, but up and down as well. No membrane or injection can help repairing, but it needs complete replacement in that area.

Usage of polyurethane is the simplest way of healing any cracks, but not all cracks can be treated by you. Some need expertise of a professional. You might save money initially by treating major problems. However, inexperienced treatment can lead to major problems in future which will not only become expensive but also time taking.

Always take advice from an engineer before deciding anything about the repair. It might sound an expensive affair, but building a house is a fulltime investment.