Escape rooms are designed in such a way that those who enter the room will have a hard time getting out. There are challenges along the way. Most of all, there is a time limit. Although the room is technically open, you will be told that it is closed just so you will feel the pressure of getting out within the given time. It is usually around an hour.

You need to play this with other people though. If you have registered with the minimum and maximum allowable number of players, you won’t be mixed with other players. However, if you are playing alone or just with another person, expect to be with a different group of players.

Regardless, you have to work together as a team. Once you enter the room, it does not matter where you come from or who you are friends with. You are working together and teamwork is the only way for you to finish things within the given time.

You can’t solve everything

These puzzles and riddles were carefully crafted to make them difficult. Different heads were placed together to come up with the challenges. Therefore, you can’t expect to solve them on your own. You need other people to help you out. It is important though to not have more than 2 people in one area as this could delay the process.

There are clues that needed to be found

Even if you are great when it comes to puzzles, you might not be as physically active as the others. Since this is a game that has to be finished within a given time, you need to be quick. There are people in the team who are more physically fit. They could be tasked to keep moving around to search for clues.

There are a lot of tasks

An escape room wouldn’t be a challenge if everything could be done within a short amount of time. Even if you can find one clue quickly, there are lots of clues within the room and an hour won’t be enough for you to finish everything on your own.

You have different niche skills

People have different interests, skills and strengths. It would be great if you can work on what you do best. If you are into sports, perhaps you can solve the question that is related to sports. If you are good at numbers, there are also a lot of questions pertaining to numbers. Know exactly what each member is good at and allow this person to be at that station where the said strength can be utilised.

Teamwork is easier said than done. When there are different people trying to get the task done, it could be a huge challenge. Some people can step up to be the leader but may dominate the group while others end up becoming lazy and don’t (or won’t) contribute anything at all.

Nevertheless, escape rooms in London are fun and exciting. Make your reservation now since this type of game is becoming more popular as a teambuilding activity.