Android buy back offers come in different forms. Some companies only exist as online entities while others have physical stores. Online buy back requires sellers to ship the unit to the company for final assessment. Only after this can the agreed value be released through various payment schemes. The process might seem complicated but this allows them to serve a wide range of customers from multiple regions. In contrast, the physical stores only serves a small local population due to the logistical limits. However, this type of arrangement has its advantages as well as we will discuss below:

Accurate Appraisal

If you go to a physical store with your Android phone, then their representative can see the actual unit first-hand and perform a thorough appraisal on the spot. You will know exactly how much your phone is currently worth instead of relying on approximate values based on published pages. These values keep changing so it’s hard to hold on to what was written even a few days ago. They also refer to the maximum value for a unit that is in perfect condition. Any scratch however small can decrease a phone’s worth. With online assessments, it is common for the value to get revised once the sees the unit and this can be quite frustrating.

Fast Transaction

You can negotiate with the store representatives when it comes to the value of your phone. If buyer and seller agrees on a value, then the deal can be sealed right away. Money can change hands to make it final and official. It may take only a few minutes depending on both parties. Once you have your money, you can do whatever you want with it: buy another phone, pay your bills, or save it for a rainy day. In contrast, online buy back deals can take weeks to complete. First, you agree to a tentative value. Then you ship the unit and wait for their appraisal. Once they receive it, they will make a final offer. You can receive your payment a week or two after that.

Instant Clarifications

With in-store transactions, you are face-to-face with sales persons who can answer any of your questions regarding their buy back program. You don’t have to wait for a long time just to get answers via email. You don’t have to endure being on hold forever when you call them. You have their attention and you can have instant clarifications.