Buying art used to be a rarefied activity, with collections belonging exclusively to the largest and wealthiest of companies. However, throughout the past generation, smaller firms have learned the benefits of fielding their own collections for enjoyment and investment.

Several good reasons are in place for establishing an art collection. Immediate benefits include enhancing a corporate space and raising the morale of employees. Less tangible but just as beneficial is the prestige that attaches to a firm sponsoring artists who well may become famous. And the long-term benefits of owning paintings and sculptures that grow in value over time and that may well become the foundation of an exclusive museum or gallery, are obvious.

Corporate art consultants guide the novice purchaser in the right direction, explaining how to choose the right works to enhance a corporate space. The consultant will advise on curating, conservation and security, and may provide inside knowledge on choosing the artists who will become the most collectible in future years.