The Midmark M11 laptop computer is a good example of what happens when you go “green.” Although a newer design than the usual laptops on the market, it’s got all the modern-day features you’d expect. In addition to a built-in Blu-ray player and wireless internet access, it’s also loaded with software to protect your important information. So, while it’s newer than the usual laptops out there, it’s a great deal more durable as well. If you want a laptop that’s perfect for using email, staying up to date on the latest news, and downloading and sharing files, the Midmark M11 is definitely worth checking out.

When it comes to reliability, the laptop performed well. Even though this laptop isn’t the lightest, it is still compact and very manageable. In fact, it felt so solid and sturdy that I could easily pick it up and carry it around without a problem. It also comes with a backlit keyboard, just like a regular laptop, making it even easier to type on. If you’d prefer an ergonomic laptop, the Midmark M11 might not be the one for you, but it does have an all-around great feature list. So, if you can deal with a little weight, a little slow response time, and a little screen that won’t stay lit, the Midmark M11 is definitely a good choice.