Kolinsky sable brushes carry bristles that are made from animal hair, specifically the Siberian weasel known as the Mustela sibirica or the “Kolinsky”, thus the name of the brush. Therefore, the bristles are not made of sable, but weasel.

The bristles primarily come from the male of the species; however, you’ll find that most paintbrushes are composed of 60% male and 40% female hairs. Because the animal is not raised in captivity, only wild weasels are used to harvest the hair. This makes the capture difficult and the paint brushes expensive.

German brush makers have gained a positive reputation for making fine long-handled Kolinsky sable brushes that are excellent in the capable hands of talented oil painters.

The brushes are resilient and soft known for spreading color evenly across the canvas or paper. They are used for watercolors, acrylics, and oil painting.