Here is the latest science news: In a recent landmark study, scientists using the Hubble Space Telescope have mapped an immense envelope of gas called a halo that surrounds the Andromeda galaxy. Researchers were surprised to find that this nearly invisible halo of diffuse plasma reaches halfway to our Milky Way and some parts of the halo are already bumping into the halo of our own galaxy.

A new study has found that Earth’s water may have come from materials that were already present in the inner solar system when the planet formed rather than comets or asteroids that delivered it from outside the system; the findings suggest that Earth may always have been wet.

Killer cosmic rays from nearby supernovae may be the culprit cause of at least one mass extinction event according to a recent study that found specific radioactive isotopes in the Earth’s geological record that point to this scenario. It occurred around 359 million years ago at the boundary of the Carboniferous and Devonian periods.