Bamboo is a great fabric with its antibacterial properties, wicking abilities, hyper allergenic and insulation traits, and its ecological contributions. Used to make a weighted blanket, it becomes the perfect addition to anyone’s list of home-aids. The bamboo weighted blanket not only has all those health and ecological benefits, but it also adds at least one additional mental health service: it calms.

It calms nerves and when they are stimulated by the parasympathetic nervous system, the blanket feels like a warm hug. So, by combining ecology with psychology, the blanket user gets two benefits. Now, as they lie down, their body will feel comforted in ways they did not expect when shopping for an ecologically conscious blanket.

Saving the environment is rarely combined with improving one’s mental and sleep health, but in this instance, both are accomplished. Not only this but the bamboo blanket’s user will get extended use from this antibacterial haven, that will smell fresh for decades to come.