Your first question might be, “What is a boho bag?” The answer is, a boho bag is a carry-all made from reclaimed material: a pair of jeans, a leather garment or a men’s dress shirt. These carry-all’s come in many silhouettes from tote bags to duffel bags. You’ll also find the boho bag made into pouches, hobo bags, bindels, and bucket bags.

Designer boho bags are a general style of bag, not a silhouette. The above names of bag shapes or silhouettes will only affect the outline of the accessory. The bag can only qualify as a boho bag if it is made from reclaimed materials no matter what its overall shape.

Boho is short for Bohemian, a style that reflects an artistic and relaxed culture often compared to the hippie lifestyle of the 70’s. Boho reflects is origins in France after the French Revolution when artists struggled financially. At that time, they continued their creativity using recycled and found items, which is seen in today’s Boho style.