If you are looking for a great-looking piece of sexy lingerie that also doubles as comfortable and convenient beachwear, the zipper bikini is just right for you! This form of sexy undergarment is ideal for those who like to explore the outdoor pleasures of the beach but don’t want to expose too much of their body.

The zipper bikini has a perfect bikini bottom that is cut out to provide a bit more cleavage, and the straps are attached to the bikini top with a special fastening method that makes sure that no one part is visible. The result is a perfect look that leaves most women feeling confident and attractive in just the swimsuit that they choose to wear under their clothes.

For optimum comfort, many zippers are now available in a “slim fit” design. This design provides a bit of separation between the bikini top and the rest of the suit so that the swimsuit stays in place and looks just like it would on any woman. There are several different styles of zippered bikini suit that you can choose from.