Leather is the tanned hide of animals. Many people love the way leather looks and feels. Leather Works USA reveals the popularity of leather in the country. We use leather to make clothing, upholstered furniture, knickknacks, home accents, handbags, and shoes. Many of these things are made by machine and some are made by artisans who work with their hands.

The hand worked leather creations are particularly interesting as they take many forms: Wall Art, bowls, woven shoes and handbags, chaps, belts, hair accessories, and rugs. The list of things that can be constructed of leather continues to grow as technology advances are employed by more and more creative persons.

regardless of the creative vision, there will always be scientific limits to what can be made from or with leather. It’s doubtful that we will ever see a car made of leather even though is does grace many vehicle interiors.