If you shoot videos often, you know how important proper lighting is. Lighting can significantly affect the quality of your videos. With that said, here is how to choose appropriate lighting for a floor exercise video.

Prepare Early

Before shooting, ensure you tour the area early to know the best position. Assemble your tools first and select an environment where you can have control over the lighting.

Do not Rely on Natural Light

Even if natural light is the best, you cannot rely on it. This is because it can change quickly, and this will affect the quality of your exercise video. Changing light can be an issue when shooting the video.

Choose your Equipment

Look for lighting equipment to work with. Ensure you have just what you need. Your camera should also be of good quality.


Early preparation and choosing a constant light source are some of the things to do when preparing your videos. Avoid relying on natural light due to its continuous change.