The Korean Circle Lens was one of the first contact lenses that were designed specifically for Korean patients. Their designs are so unique that they are considered a fashion statement. The Korean Circle Lens comes in various colors, and they are also generally a little larger than regular lenses, although the size of the circle should not affect the comfort level.

A Good Range of Options

Most contact lenses come with a variety of options to choose from. You will find that the lenses for the Circle lens are not always the same size as regular lenses, so it may be necessary to purchase a larger pair or two. The other option you have is to buy a pair that are slightly bigger than regular contact lenses.

Cleaning the Contacts

An important thing to know about Korean contact lenses is that they can be challenging to clean and disinfect properly. A solution that you can use will help you get rid of any germs or other bacteria in the lenses. However, the solution should only be used on these lenses as they are not suitable for other types of lenses.