Both employers and workers must know WCB Alberta policies. The workers’ Compensation Board policies are posted at its website. These policies are listed under different categories. For example information related to the claim processing is listed under the Claims section. The services policies for the employer are listed under categories like appointment, payroll and billing, account audit, clearance certification, employer classification, employer registration, personal coverage, optional coverage, self insured employer, and others.

The claims policies list information under categories like worker, time limitation for claim filing, recurrence, conditions for entitlement and others. Workers can file claims for injuries and other health conditions. Some of these conditions include hearing loss, occupational diseases, allergies, respiratory diseases, repetitive strain injuries and others. Policies related to health care services are covered under independent living support, physiotherapy services, massage therapy and healthcare providers. Medical aid policies include clothing allowance, medical aid, home modification, special equipment, medication, prescription eyewear, transportation assistance and travel related expenses.