It is important to ensure accurate amount of powder content in a pack. A powder dosing valve is used for this purpose. It helps comply with the accurate weight requirements. The valve is designed to meet certain goals and standards. It ensures accurate release of powder in the packs, bags and containers. The flow of the powder is controlled precisely, avoiding less or more supply of content in the package. The packs are filled at the right speed. This type of valve is an important component of machines used for packaging, filling and dispensing powder materials.

The valve ensures accurate supply of the product. While the goal is simple, the system used for it is quite complex. Designing such a valve requires high level of engineering skill. Additionally, valves used for medicine and food applications must meet stringent USDA and FDA sanitary requirements. The unit can be detached and disassembled for thorough cleaning. A stainless steel valve is used for applications where high level of sanitary standard is maintained.