Many e-cigarette users were first intrigued to try this tobacco alternative because of the advertised health benefits. Long-terms studies are not yet conclusive but short-term results point to promising results. Vaping contains far fewer carcinogens and other harmful byproducts compared to traditional sticks.

This is crucial for people who have been wanting to kick the habit for many years. It’s not the same for everyone. Some can quit cold turkey while others have to do it gradually or else they suffer from debilitating withdrawal symptoms. Ecigs can be loaded with juices that contain a bit of nicotine to prevent these symptoms from appearing.

Of course, the nicotine content can be decreased over time to lessen dependence until it is no longer necessary. Juices also come in various flavors which make it fun to try different options. There are several vape shop Perth residents can visit to get their first ecig and a continuous supply of juices.