Metallic swimwear is bathing suits made from spandex with metallic strands woven closely to mimic a metallic look or loosely to look like shiny specs. These swimwear pieces are often lined with a thin lining to protect the skin from irritation from the metallic pieces.

Every top and bottom comes in metallic looks from bikini tops and bottoms to full one-piece swimwear pieces. The descriptions for metallic swimwear include gold lame bikinis to gold sequin swimwear. The cuts for metallic pieces are high cut legs, deep V-necks, cut-out one pieces, wrap waist lines in gold, bronze, silver, and white metallic looks.

Caring for metallic swimwear involves hand washing in cold water using a mild detergent. Wring the fabric gently to remove excess water and then lay the swimsuit flat to dry on a cloth mesh surface or a woven metal shelf.