An angle grinder is an ideal example of metal cutting discs, a handheld tool used for various metal fabrication tasks, including grinding, cutting, polishing, and finishing. The common varieties of this power tool are cordless powered, either battery operated or manually powered. You can use these tools in different situations. You can use them in an industrial setting where precise and repetitive work needs to be done, such as in an automobile fabrication shop or a machine shop.

When it comes to disc grinding, there are two types available in the market: belt grinders and fixed blades. The belt grinders are more compact and lighter than the fixed-blade ones; they also provide more versatility as they can be used in any working environment. Another difference is found in the level of torque. If you are using a belt grinder, then it would consume less energy, but you won’t have the same control over the angle settings as the fixed blades ones do. However, the fixed blades grind heavier metals and faster than the belt grinders.