Your business needs support of the best pizza base suppliers. Pizza bases made with the finest quality ingredients are available. These items are hand-finished and there is no use of artificial flavors, preservatives or genetically modified products. A very low level of salt at less than 1% ensures it meets the demands of health conscious consumers. The bases are easy to defrost, handle, top and bake. You will find bases in both deep pan and thin crust varieties. Frozen pizza bases are available in the required quantities at all times. The orders can be placed online.

The thin crust pizza base is preferred for making traditional Italian pizza. It is supplied frozen and part-baked. Available in various standard sizes, this type of base is suitable for most ovens. The deep pan bases are fluffy, easy to handle and light. These bases are also supplied frozen and part-baked. Available in all standard sizes, the bases can be ordered immediately by phone or web portal. The supplier is ready to meet any special demand. Pizza related items like specialty breads, garlic bread and naan dough balls are also available.