Have you ever wondered how medical insurance claims are handled? How are reimbursements ensured? Well, Medical Coding and Billing is utterly important in this regard. This basically refers to taking notes from doctors and physicians about diagnosis of a patient and using appropriate ICD10 codes. These codes are then submitted to the concerned insurance company electronically, so as to ensure reimbursement as soon as possible. Once the insurer has paid their share, the patient will be given the bills and other details, so that they known their share of the bill. In this post, we will discuss medical billing and coding in detail.

What do medical billers and coders do?

Before we talk about ICD10 codes, let’s start by understanding the role of medical billers and codes. They usually use a coding system to understand the diagnosis and apply relevant codes. They also review the claims again to ensure that the coding is done right, and if required, they can also talk to the staff members of the doctor’s office or hospital. These details are further entered into the billing system of the concerned clinic. Medical billers and codes often also need to interact with patients, so as to explain the insurance matters and their share in the job. In case the payments are delayed by the insurer, they can do the required follow-ups and will also track the payments. Medical billing and coding is an evolving field and therefore, the professionals working here need to update their knowledge from time to time.

What are ICD10 codes?

For the uninitiated, ICD is the short for International Classification of Diseases. These are codes that are set and published by The World Health Organization, and ‘10’ in this case refers to the 10th revision. ICD10 codes are used to classify and identify different symptoms, conditions, procedures and diagnosis of doctor.

Getting the work done

Regulations related to medical billing and coding change constantly. Expectedly, you would need a team of professionals who are updated and have the required knowledge of different changes. Professionals engaged in the field of coding are also responsible for ensuring that the coding and documentation is done in line with the compliance requirements. If you don’t want to hire your own team for your medical clinic or a hospital, choose to outsource the same to a known agency.

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