You’ve probably heard of the word “shellac” before, but it wasn’t in relation to nail care. Most likely, it had something to do with wood or furniture treatment. Well guess what? Shellac can actually be used on nails, albeit in a preparation different from that which is used for wood treatment.

Nail shellac basics

The term “shellac” is acceptably used to refer to a certain nail care product similar to nail polish. It is used for the aesthetic enhancement of nails. It is regarded as a hybrid between a nail polish and a nail gel. This product can be applied in the same way as nail polish is applied but may require the aid of UV lighting to be perfectly cured.

CND’s Shellac

There is a patent-pending nail product brand, though, called Shellac developed by Creative Nail Design (CND). It is one of the products being offered by Jealous Nail Supplies. There are various CND Shellac colours available, which are designed to last longer than standard nail polish.

CND’s Shellac is purported to have been developed over a period of almost five years. It is being advertised as the most impressive way for adorning women’s nails with long-lasting brilliant colours without the need to go to a salon. It incorporates the advantages of both nail polish and nail gel and delivers a wide variety of shades. Curing CND’s Shellac is said to take only a few minutes when a UV lamp is used. It is also easy to remove, with CND claiming that it can be removed in only around five minutes.

Advantages of nail shellac

Nail shellac is created to be a long-lasting and more attractive nail enhancer, formulated to be safe to use. As mentioned, it is designed to merge the best qualities of nail polish with the advantages of a nail gel. Nail shellac is available in hundreds of shades or colours that can last without losing their vibrancy and glimmer for more than two weeks.

Additionally, nail shellac is believed to be less damaging to the nails as compared to the usual nail gels or acrylics used by nail salons. It is said to have the ability to reduce instances of nail chipping. High-quality nail shellac does not further degrade the strength of brittle nails.

Curing lamp may be needed

Nail shellac can be applied and allowed to dry and cure by just exposing it to the surrounding air and temperature. However, in many cases, they are cured with a UV lamp to make the process faster. Sometimes, a UV lamp is used to achieve the best results. Some nail shellac products tend to look better when they are dried or cured more quickly. As such, a UV LED lamp may be necessary.

If you want to try something new for your nails, considering nail shellac shouldn’t be a bad idea. Its long-lasting aesthetic enhancement is advantageous for your nails as it means you won’t have to expose your nails frequently.