Many people think that hypnosis and life coaching are the same things. The answer is no. A life coach is working specifically with a client’s goals and desires to achieve those goals.

So what then is the difference between hypnosis and coaching? Coaching involves active involvement on the part of the client and their willingness to explore new ways of thinking. Coaching also tends to involve using tools like visualization and other ways of helping the client achieve their goals.

Hypnosis is typically done by a qualified individual who is not an expert in the field of coaching. A person will often receive a few sessions with an experienced hypnotherapist before moving forward to receive hypnosis therapy.

While the two are very different, they do share some similarities. Coaching involves meeting the specific needs of the client and finding creative ways of meeting those needs. Hypnosis, on the other hand, is more about using the subconscious mind’s power to create positive changes in our lives.