Employee leasing is a contractual outsourcing arrangement whereby the leasing company remains the official employer. Here is what you should know about employee leasing solutions Florida.

Leasing Company

A professional employer organization (PEO) is the leasing company and acts as an employer.

How staff Leasing Works

The business owner and the leasing company often share employment responsibilities. Essential managerial functions remain with the business owner, who also controls the employee. Nonetheless, the leasing organization retains responsibilities and functions such as employment taxation and wages reporting. The business owner’s other obligation is to write and sign checks for the leasing organization to cover administrative and benefits fees, taxes, and payrolls.


Leasing of workers allows an enterprise to expedite its workforce without administrative complexity escalation. The leasing company manages to ensure compliance with federal and state laws, W-2 forms processing, payroll, other paperwork, and unemployment insurance. Some PEOs offer employee assistance and pension schemes.


The benefits of staff lease are innumerable. By combining the workforce from different enterprises, leasing companies can organize for affordable workers’ compensation and healthcare rates. The net effect of leasing saves businessperson money and time.