Silicone sex toys have a velvety soft feel with a pebble-smooth texture that feels great to the skin, making them incredibly satisfying to use.

When comparing silicone sex toys to their latex and jelly counterparts, silicone is superior because it is 100% healthy, non-porous, and easy to clean, so they protect your sexual health.

Sex toys made from rubber, jelly, and latex are porous materials that can be detrimental to sexual wellbeing and pleasure. These materials introduce chemicals into your body (the vagina is highly absorbent) and degrade over time. They can also degrade when used with some sexual lubricants.

Some people are allergic to latex, so latex sex toys can be potentially harmful. Manufacturers also perfume their products to hide the scent of rubber or jelly.

We have loads of silicone sex toys, including clitoral stimulators that vibrate or gently suck vibrators that offer intense vibration intensity, even masturbators that use pulse plate technology to produce incredible sexual stimulation are available.