Mercury is known to manufacture high performance motors for outboards. Its new Mercury outboard motors deliver solid performance and luxurious boating experience. The Verado engine’s V12 powerhead delivers 600 HP of strong output. Now your boating adventure does not have to stop. Go the extra distance in fewer minutes. Latest technologies have been used to make control and handling better. The steerable gearcase and two-speed transmission allows better control. This engineering in the engine means quick and smooth operations.

Motor maintenance is quite simple. Oil change is an easy task. A less powerful 500 hp engine is also available by the name of SeaPro. The 500 and 600 HP outputs may seem outrageous but they deliver practical boating benefits. The main benefit lies in the fuel economy. Now you do not have to add another motor which will cause a drag in the water. The same strong performance can be gained by using one of these motors.